February 13, 2016


Welcome to 2016! We're excited to start what will be our busiest year yet! We've been hard at work getting things organized and jump-started around here.

Since our last update, we have finished and sent out Onai (Wolf - Fullsuit) and Asriel's head. We have also finished a bodysuit for Wolfen, making his partial a fullsuit now!

In February & March, before FWA, we will be finished up Rockie the Husky, Icaris the Arcawolf, Monty the Berne...

December 16, 2015


It's been a while since we posted an update, but that's because work never ends here and we rarely get a chance to pop in and say hi! 

Since our last update, we've finished WolfenShadow's partial, Nakura Vanner's wolfdoggy fullsuit, EkkoWolf's fullsuit, and Royalwolfknight's fullsuit! We also finished a bodysuit for Roo18 and are on hold with finishing MadKat's partial.

On dock we have:

* Icaris the Arcawol...

June 29, 2015

Welcome to another exciting edition of Alpha Suits Progress Report!


We've been hard at work on Wolfen Shadow, a partial wolf fursuit, and only have his headfur, teeth, and handpaws to finish before sending him off this week. We've also been doing some touch-ups on Kyro, Sef, and Blue.


Our next suit in line is Nakura Vanner, a fullsuit wolfdog. We're very excited to be working on it asap.


After that we have Swiminim, a wolf/husky hybrid, followed...

February 28, 2015


Hello everyone! JoJo here with an update from our fursuit studio!

We just finished Blue the Red Panda partial! Woo! Another new species complete!


Work is already well underway on Reality Warp‘s galaxy Wolf fullsuit and we are loving him so far. <3 Can’t wait to show him off! He should be done early March.


After that we’ll be tackling a digitigrade fox with Sef and his fullsuit. That will be complete before FWA in time for delivery at that con.



September 4, 2014

Hello! My name is JoJo. My mate, Janie, and I run Alpha Suits.

We’ve both been in the fandom since around 2010. Since then, we’ve seen fursuit prices (and quality) reach new levels. At the start, we were excited about being able to afford a pretty snazzy suit for less than or around $1k. This wasn’t completely out of reach for us, and a little saving made it possible. However, as the years went on, those prices ballooned to about $2500 or MORE for...

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