Duct Tape Dummy Guide


If you're getting a full fursuit from us, you'll need to supply us with a Duct Tape Dummy (DTD.) This helps ensure a proper fit and a happier fursuiter! It's easy to ship and very durable!


Instructions adapted from http://www.kilcodocostumes.com/dtd.htm (Check out their page for helpful illustrations to these instructions!)


Things You'll need:

  • A -really- good friend or two!

  • 6 rolls of regular duct-tape or more, depending on your size

  • Long-sleeve pajamas that cover your whole body, or a long sleeve t-shirt and pajama pants (these will be cut up and ruined!)

  • Sharpie

  • Sharp scissors


Pre-taping Prep:

  • Firstly, go to the bathroom! This could take a while! Also, be prepared to get down to your underwear in front of whoever is helping you. They'll be using scissors very close to your skin also, so make sure you choose less...clumsy friends. ;D

  • Make sure your shirt is tucked into your waistband.

  • You will not need to put duct tape on your hands or feet.

  • Stand in a comfortable position and be prepared to stand this way for at least an hour, possibly more. Try to move as little as possible once taping begins so that the DTD doesn't come out in a wrong shape. If you need support, ask a friend or use furniture at arm's level.



  • This is where your friends come in! You can do this with your friend as well, since you're not fully taped up yet. Just try not to move -too- much. 

  • Start by taping the groin and inner thighs. Be sure to use strips of tape, and not to just tape the roll and use long strips where you just roll the roll around the body. Use strips that are less than a foot long, at most. This duct tape layer will be what your bodysuit is designed off of, so make sure to not make it too tight or gripping. Leave a little room around the groin and joints, but don't make it too loose. If it's too tight, you'll have trouble sitting down in suit.

  • Continue taping over your butt and down your legs all the way to your ankle, right at the top of your feet. You're done with your legs!

  • Now for the fun part. Hold your arms out and keep them up. Your friend(s) will need to begin taping your arms at the wrists and move towards the shoulders. Make sure to have the tape end right against the end of the wrist and beginning of the hand, so that your handpaws can cover the bodysuit.

  • Continue taping to cover your chest and waist until you are completely taped up from neck to wrist to ankle!

  • Ensure that the tape goes up close to your neck so that there won't be too big of an opening for your head. Don't make it too tight though!



  • Pull out your sharpie!

  • Draw two lines from the neck down to the sides of the legs. Mark along the lines with notches or x's so that the DTD can be realigned when it is taped back together.

  • Draw another line on the top of both arms from the neck to the wrist across the top of the arms. Mark the line with notches or x's here as well.

  • Draw a circle with an X where your tail will go. It should be a little above your butt and tailbone.



  • It's time to be released! Be VERY CAREFUL on this part. Use of scissors here is required, and it will no doubt be a little uncomfortable getting out of the DTD. Don't fret! You're almost free.

  • Using scissors, cut along the lines that were drawn on your body with the sharpie. Do this sloooowly and caaaarefully so as to not cut the human encased inside. You'll be cutting through the duct tape and the clothes that the tape is attached to.

  • Be sure to not cut through underwear! X_X

  • Once the DTD is completely cut off, step on out and take a breath! The hard part is over.



  • Air the DTD out a bit and then tape it back together along the guideline notches or x's.

  • Fold the DTD up and you're ready to send it over to Alpha Suits!