June 2015 Progress Report

June 29, 2015

Welcome to another exciting edition of Alpha Suits Progress Report!


We've been hard at work on Wolfen Shadow, a partial wolf fursuit, and only have his headfur, teeth, and handpaws to finish before sending him off this week. We've also been doing some touch-ups on Kyro, Sef, and Blue.


Our next suit in line is Nakura Vanner, a fullsuit wolfdog. We're very excited to be working on it asap.


After that we have Swiminim, a wolf/husky hybrid, followed closely by Jeremy, a werewolf tiger! We'll also be doing a partial for MadKat and a bodysuit for Sakiki.


We'll have pics of Wolfen's partial up before Anthrocon, and will be at Anthrocon! Nakura's will be completed and sent out for an August 14th deadline.

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