Terms and Conditions


We reserve the right to modify terms, conditions, and notices. You are responsible for regularly reviewing these terms and conditions. By reading these terms and placing a commission, you indicate that you agree to be bound by these terms.



We reserve the right to take and use photos of any fursuit costume that we make, including posting photos to any website, as long as we made the fursuit, have taken the photo, own the photo, or have permission to use the photo.


Any personal information you release to Alpha Suits remains private.


Prices and Warranty:

The price quote you receive is valid for 30 days after the day you receive it. The completion date is valid for two weeks after the delivery of the quote. Work is guaranteed for 60 days after the day the items are received. Any unauthorized modification to the work delivered by Alpha Suits voids this 60 day warranty. The warranty covers defects in material and construction, but does not cover normal wear and tear.



The required deposit (30% of final quote) to start work is nonrefundable and guarantees your completion date. This is nonrefundable because it is what we use to start ordering supplies to create your suit. Final payment for the suit must be received before the suit is delivered. We accept cash, money orders, cashiers checks, and Paypal. We are not responsible for lost/late payments.


What You’re Responsible for supplying:

  • Duct Tape Dummy (Full suit only): You are responsible for supplying us with a duct tape dummy of your body if you order a fullsuit. This is to insure a proper fit. If the dummy is not properly done, the suit may not fit the intended wearer correctly. If the DTD is deemed not suitable for the creation of the suit, it will be returned and you will be asked to remake it properly. A better dummy makes a better suit! If you prefer a type of fit (loose, tight, medium, etc), please let us know before we start on your suit. If you plan on losing or gaining weight, or any other changes to your body you want reflected in your suit, wait to make the dummy until you’re happy with your shape, or tell us ahead of time what we should prepare for. A tighter fit will make for a smaller range of motion, but a more true-to-form appearance. A looser fit will make for more range of motion, but a more flowing effect. If you need instruction on how to create a DTD, check out our tutorial above.

  • Glove or Glove Size: We use gloves in our handpaw construction. You can choose to supply these gloves and send them with your DTD, or we can purchase them from a company we love to use. The brand we use is Wells Lamont, and their gloves are available at Wal-Mart. If you want to try them on and let us know what size fits, we’ll buy them and use them for your handpaws, free of charge.

  • Shoes: You’ll need to supply us with a new/comfortable pair of slip-on shoes without laces for your footpaws. Please make sure these are comfortable before sending them!


Age Requirement:

All customers must be 18 years of age or older. If you’re under 18, please have a parent or guardian contact us.


Changes to Your Commission:

Once the price and date for completion are set, and work has started, we request that you do not ask for any changes to be made. If you have a question about a change, do not hesitate to ask, but we cannot guarantee any changes can be made after a final confirmation is made and work has begun. Changes may affect the price and/or completion date of your suit.


Work in Progress Reports:

Keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook, and FurAffinity pages for updates about your suit. We will respond to emails when we can, but do not guarantee updates about every single step of the process. We will do all we can to keep you updated, but again, changes to your commission and minor edits while in progress may not be possible because of time constraints. We do have other suits to get to!



Shipping is NOT included in the final price. We will send you a couple options for shipping your suit when work is completed. We will usually ship with USPS and our suits always require a signature upon delivery. Expect this charge to be between $30-$80 depending on distance/necessary speed of delivery.


Allergen Warning:

We have dogs at our residence, but they are kept out of our fursuit studio, so keep that in mind if you require a suit made in an environment without them.